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Leeds Gem: £90,000 Secured Price for Social Housing!

New Refurbished Kitchen

Newly Refurbished Kitchen Today, we're offering a laid-back glimpse into a charming 2-bed property near Leeds City Centre with tons of potential.

A property with a potential rental rate of £675-£725 for a Buy-to-Let strategy was chosen to be converted into Social Housing for one of our investors, as recommended based on their needs. This property now rents for £700 per month with no void periods for three years, no management fees, and basic repairs covered by our social housing provider.

As you can see in the photos below, this property was outdated and has undergone a remarkable transformation that cost the investors approximately £21,800 + VAT. A completely new, modern-looking kitchen and bathroom have been installed, and some windows were replaced due to broken glass.

- Before -

- During Refurb -

- After -

Just as a well-maintained property emanates a sense of care and professionalism from the landlord, it also signals to potential tenants that the property is worth investing in. In turn, this draws individuals who appreciate and seek out quality living spaces, establishing the foundation for a positive landlord-tenant relationship and providing a steady source of income.

We take care of all our investors' properties, from choosing the right property to handing it over to our social housing provider, ensuring we deliver quality properties regardless of the property's condition.

- The numbers -

Investing in Social Housing involves entering into a contract with the social housing provider, typically for durations of 3 or 5 years, and guarantees the absence of any void periods during this contractual term. Additionally, these contracts are often renewable upon their expiration.

Another significant advantage of Social Housing investments is that once you deliver a property in good condition, the social housing provider assumes most repairs and maintenance responsibilities, making it one of the most hands-free and seamless investment opportunities available.

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