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From 3 to 5 Bedrooms. How to increase your profit by 40% a month with Social Housing.

New Refurbished Kitchen

A promising BTL (Buy-to-Let) property in Leeds for an estimated £800 - £850, boasting incredible potential to transform into a modern 5-bedroom home that is now rented for an impressive monthly rate of £1,332.1.

Investing in social housing projects presents a dual opportunity: not only can you grow your wealth securely, but you can also make a meaningful impact in the community and house vulnerable people. These projects typically offer contracts spanning 3 to 5 years, ensuring steady returns without any dreaded void periods.

Take a look at our before and after video for this project:

As the video shows, this property exhibited significant damp issues across many of its rooms. However, our skilled team of builders did a remarkable job rectifying these problems by addressing the ceilings and walls throughout the property. In adherence to the requirements of Social Housing projects, we also installed new fireproof doors and alarms, along with the addition of a new Velux window on the top floor for the new bedroom.

We took a comprehensive approach to enhance this property, including the installation of an entirely new kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, we constructed a new wall to transform the living room into an additional bedroom, while the top floor was partitioned into two new rooms, optimising the available space efficiently.

- Before -

- After -

- Floor Plans -

By converting this property from a 3-bedroom to a 5-bedroom configuration, we elevated its status from a standard BTL property priced at £800-£850 to a £1,332.1 Social Housing unit, a 40% increase!

Investing in Social Housing involves entering into a contract with the social housing provider, typically for durations of 3 or 5 years, and guarantees the absence of any void periods during this contractual term. Additionally, these contracts are often renewable upon their expiration.

Another significant advantage of Social Housing investments is that, once you deliver a property in good condition, the majority of repairs and maintenance responsibilities are assumed by the social housing provider, making it one of the most hands-free and seamless investment opportunities available.

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