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A Refurbished 2-Bed Terraced Property in Leeds LS12: A Complete Transformation

If you are in the market for a new home or a rental property, you should look closely at this recently refurbished property. The property has received a complete transformation and is now ready to welcome its new residents. This renovation has left no stone unturned, from rewiring, replastering, redecorating, door replacement, light replacement, and modernizing the kitchen.

The property's cellar has also been partly removed, the second floor's damp issues have been sorted, and new flooring has been installed throughout the house. The bathroom has been completely refurbished, and the outside of the property has been repainted. A new area for the washing machine was also created in the basement, where all the tiles were removed, and the walls were redone.

The results of this extensive refurbishment are truly stunning. As you can see, the before and after images,

- Before -

- During Refurbishment -

- After -

We understand that deciding to rent a property can be a big one, so we wanted to showcase just how much work has gone into this refurbishment and the benefits it will bring to those who decide to make it their home.

Not only will the new tenants live in a beautifully modernized property, but they will also have peace of mind knowing that everything has been professionally done and to the highest standards.

This property is ideal for families, couples, or professionals looking for a high-quality, comfortable, affordable home in Leeds LS12. With its convenient location and stunning interior, this property will go quickly.

Investing in property can be a smart financial move, but finding the right property can be challenging. Fortunately, Perfect10 Property has taken care of the hard work for you.

Our team of experts will guide you through the process, from property search to completion, to ensure that you achieve your investment goals.

Don't just take our word for it. See the transformation for yourself by checking out our portfolio. We're sure you'll agree that this 2-bed terrace property in Leeds LS12 is a testament to the power of property refurbishment.

You can start your Investment Journey with Us.

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We've also created a video to give you an even better idea of how we spot what needs to be sorted at the property.


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