Here at Perfect10 Property Group our goal has always and will always be 100% client satisfaction. Since 2019 we've helped numerous clients accelerate their financial goals by way of property investing. 

We believe in relationships first, business second, that's why we work very closely with all our clients and why we care deeply about the work we do with them.

We truly believe the least risk free and high returning strategy of investing is that of investing in property, so we've made it our mission to ensure we know all the ins and outs of the game. 

Armed with expert knowledge of our goldmine areas of Leeds & Nottingham we know the best streets and postcodes and we know the ones to avoid.

We are always looking for more people who are serious about making a great return on their money as we love helping our clients achieve their financial goals.


Director & Sourcing Expert

Andreas moved to Leeds from Denmark in 2014. He has a background in Software Engineering, but has since 2019 been obsessed with all things property.

Since this time, he has gathered extensive knowledge about the property market in the UK and the many strategies one might employ here.

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Marketing Manager

Beck is based in Nottingham and has a background in Physiotherapy, Social Media & Marketing. She's also a great people-person.

Beck also got the property bug some years back and has since then helped people with both their physical and online pains using her expert knowledge.