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A Full Refurb 3-Bed Mid-Terraced Property Investment in Leeds LS9. Let out in just a few days!

Front of a House in LS9 Leeds a Property Investment

Take a closer look at this transformation and see how an estimated rent of £800-£850 became a £950 BTL!

Our latest refurbishment project near Leeds City Centre with an impactful transformation from a whole new kitchen to an entirely new bathroom. Proving to anyone that a good refurb will always bring value to your BTL investments.

The property has received a complete transformation and is now ready to welcome its new residents. We've taken care of everything during the renovation process, from replastering to replacing doors and lights. The kitchen has also been modernised to make it more functional and efficient. The refurbishment has also included all radiators and a new central heating control, along with the complete replacement of the flooring throughout the property.

The remarkable result of the extensive renovation is truly stunning. Take a look at the images, both before and after:

- Before -

- After -

As you can see, any house can become a modern and attractive looking home for your tenant, and it will impact how you can grow your wealth, from the rise of the rent value and the property price itself, along with attracting good and long-term tenants that will care for the property and stay for longer once good properties are not easy to be found.

This Cozy, budget-friendly abode is a perfect place for families, couples, or professionals looking for a high-quality property in Leeds LS9. With its convenient location and stunning interior, it will always rent out quickly.

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Investing in property can be a smart financial move, but finding the right property investment in the UK can be challenging. Fortunately, Perfect10 Property has taken care of the hard work for you.

Our team of experts will guide you through the process, from property search to completion, to ensure you achieve your investment goals and get the best out of your property investment, allowing your wealth to grow while you have a hassle-free investment.

You can start your Investment Journey with Us.

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