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How Refurbishing a Property Can Make You and Your Tenants Happy!

One of the most important goals for an investor is maximising the return on investment (ROI).

A great way to achieve this is by refurbishing your property. Not only will this increase your property's value and attract new tenants, but it can also make your current tenants happier. In this article, we will discuss how refurbishing a property can make you and your tenants happy, the benefits of refurbishing, and the types of refurbishment you can do to increase your property's value.

Refurbishing a property has numerous benefits. It increases the property market value for investors, leading to higher rents and greater profits. Improving the property's aesthetic appeal and functionality makes it worth the price for new tenants to have a pleasant place to live, which is a huge plus in the highly competitive rental market.

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For tenants, refurbishing provides an improved living experience. They will feel more comfortable and safer in a clean, well-maintained home that meets their needs. This will make them more likely to stay long-term, which saves you the cost of finding new tenants and potential vacancies. Refurbishing also increases the property's energy efficiency, which can result in lower energy bills for tenants. More crucially, this will initially attract a much better tenant who wants to stay in the property long-term, as quality properties are hard to find.

Types of Refurbishment to Increase Your Property's Value. Refurbishment can be as simple as painting the walls or as complex as renovating the entire property. The key is improving the property's functionality, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. Here are some types of refurbishment you can do to increase your property's value:

  1. Painting and Decorating - A fresh coat of paint can give the property a new lease of life, making it more appealing to potential tenants.

  2. Flooring - Replacing old flooring with new, modern materials such as tiles, laminate, or hardwood can make a big difference in the property's overall appearance.

  3. Kitchen and Bathroom - These are the areas most potential tenants scrutinize. Upgrading fixtures, cabinets, and appliances can give these areas a modern look and feel.

  4. Windows and Doors - Replacing old, drafty windows and doors with energy-efficient options can save tenants money on heating and cooling bills while improving the property's security.

  5. Roofing and Insulation - Ensuring the roof is in good repair and adding insulation can increase the property's energy efficiency, saving tenants money on utility bills.

Refurbishing a property is an excellent way to increase its value and attract new tenants while keeping current tenants happy. Investing in the property's functionality, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency can increase its market value and charge higher rents, resulting in greater profits. The key is to focus on improvements that will significantly impact tenants' daily lives, making them feel more comfortable and happy to stay long-term. So, if you're an investor looking to maximize your ROI, consider refurbishing your property - you and your tenants will be glad you did! If you are looking for someone to take care of a refurb for you or even want someone you can trust. Check our property refurbishment page and see how we can help to add value to your property.


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