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UK Capital Appreciation Insights from March 2024

The latest UK House Price Index (HPI) for March 2024 presents a compelling contrast between the housing markets of Yorkshire and the Humber, particularly West Yorkshire and London.

Key Highlights:

  • Yorkshire and the Humber: This region saw a robust 5% annual increase in house prices, with an average price of £210,000.

  • London: Conversely, London experienced a decline in property values, reflecting a downturn in the market of up to -22.2%,

North UK Favourite Investors Spots Comparison:

  • Leeds, West Yorkshire: 4.0%*

  • Manchester: 2.3%*

  • Liverpool: 0%*

* Capital appreciation growth by UK House Price Index March 2024

London's House Prices:

  • Having grown at its highest rates of 2.4% in Greenwich, 1.5 % in Islington, 1.4% in Southwark

  • 3 other boroughs are between 0.6%-0.2%

  • All other boroughs are experiencing negative growth up to -22.2% in the City of London.

Why Invest in Leeds and West Yorkshire?

  1. Strong Growth Potential: The significant price increase in West Yorkshire indicates a thriving market with good prospects for capital appreciation.

  2. Affordability: Unlike London, property prices in Leeds and West Yorkshire are more affordable, offering better value for money.

  3. Economic Development: Leeds, as a major economic hub, is experiencing ongoing development and investment, enhancing its attractiveness.

  4. Quality of Life: West Yorkshire offers a high quality of life with excellent amenities, making it a desirable location for residents and investors.

  5. Low Repossession Rates: West Yorkshire maintains a stable market, with low repossession rates contributing to its investment appeal.

Investing in Leeds and West Yorkshire presents a lucrative opportunity, combining strong growth, affordability, and economic vitality. For more detailed statistics and information, visit the UK House Price Index for March 2024, National Statistics.


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