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Leeds Bradford Airport's £100m Terminal Upgrade: Opportunities for Investors in a Sustainable Future

In an exciting move, Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) has kicked off its £100 million terminal upgrade, bringing potential opportunities for investors in Leeds and beyond. Approved by Leeds City Council and already in progress, this ongoing project is set to wrap up in 2026, aiming to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, making it a promising and environmentally-friendly investment.

Transformative Changes

The ongoing work includes adding three new floors and 9,500 sq. mt. to the existing terminal, making it more comfortable and convenient for passengers. With extra aircraft stands, more seating, quicker security, and better shopping and dining options, the upgrade promises to enhance the overall passenger experience.

Boosting Jobs and the Local Economy

By 2030, the project plans to create 3,600 new jobs directly at LBA and another 8,500 jobs indirectly, contributing a total of £940 million to the local economy. This economic growth is good news for investors looking to get involved in the region.

Why Invest?

The LBA upgrade offers potential benefits for investors. As more people are expected to travel through the airport, businesses around, like shops and restaurants, may see increased demand. Additionally, the growth in jobs and economic activity could create a demand for property, making Leeds an attractive prospect for property investors.

What Leaders Are Saying

Vincent Hodder, Chief Executive of Leeds Bradford Airport, highlighted the positive impact this investment will have on the region. He sees it as not only improving the travel experience but also boosting the economy for Leeds, Bradford, and Yorkshire.

Cathal Montague, Regional Director at Farrans Construction, mentioned the project's role in supporting the construction industry and creating local jobs. He believes it's an opportunity for investors to engage in community-oriented initiatives.

Economic Contribution and Investor Assurance

This year alone, LBA is expected to contribute £460 million to the local economy. The ongoing terminal upgrade is more than just a facelift; it's a strategic investment that aims to redefine Leeds Bradford Airport's role as a key regional asset. With plans to conclude in 2026 and a commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions, investors can look forward to a sustainable and forward-looking investment opportunity right in the heart of Yorkshire.

Are you considering investing in property?


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