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Our SA Brand - NordStay

We are delighted to introduce our new brand, which is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our investors and their esteemed guests. With a firm commitment to excellence, we proudly present NordStay, our latest addition to the serviced accommodation sector in the North UK.

Inspired by our Director, Andreas Andresen, NordStay combines Scandinavian design principles with the charm of British living. Each of our units is carefully designed to provide a welcoming retreat, whether for a short visit or an extended stay. These Stays are now available on our brand-new website

Take a look at the before and after one of our latest SA (Serviced Accommodation) in LS12 in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

- Aviary Nest: Before Refurb -

Our team has dedicated much effort to getting these properties up and running, from planning and refurbishing them to managing bookings and cleaning, so our investors can have peace of mind regarding their investments.

- Aviary Nest: MoodBoard -

- Aviary Nest: After Refurb -

If you would like to take a closer look, you can always book a few nights there ;)

How do we help our investors?

We assist investors in all steps of Serviced Accommodation:

  • Finding the appropriate location and property,

  • Negotiating the property sale on our investors' behalf,

  • Guiding our investors through the sale process until completion, keeping them in the loop with our dedicated case progression team,

  • Planning refurbishments to maximize returns on investment,

  • Delivering quality refurbishments, designs, and staging of the properties while mindful of costs,

  • Finally, we take care of property management, including cleaning, repairs, bookings, and guest communication, ensuring a hands-free SA investment experience for our investors' comfort.

If you are interested in investing in Serviced Accommodation yourself and would like to learn more about investing in Manchester and the West Yorkshire region, email us at

To maintain the quality of our services, we select up to two investors a month for our SA service's.


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